Ontario Soccer League

Membership Fees

League Fees

Provincial Elite Men$1,300.00
Provincial Men$1,000.00
Under 21 (Provincial & Regional)$1,000.00
MJ District$1,000.00
League Bonds
Provincial Elite Men$2,000.00
Provincial Men$500.00
Under 21 (Provincial & Regional)$500.00
MJ District$500.00

Additional Fees & Fines

E2E (All teams)$113.00
OSL Cup (Provincial Men's Teams)$225.00
TD Cup (Regional Men's Teams)$150.00
MJ Cup (Multi-Jurisdictional Men's teams)$150.00
Banquet (All Clubs)$240.00
Tickets(4 @ $60)
Cautions$10.00 Each
Red cards (Administration Fee)$30.00 Each
Request for a Hearing (Within 48 hrs of red card)$50.00
Failing to Appear at a Hearing$100.00
Game Sheet Irregularity$50.00
NSF Cheque$25.00
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