Ontario Soccer League

Homepage Configuration

You have the opportunity to configure your home page with the following functionality.

  1. Team selection
  2. Schedule ticker

To save your selection scroll to the foot of the page and click the save button.

Team Selection

If you select a team their next game and stats will appear on your home page

Schedule Ticker

The schedule ticker will display games on your home page. If you wish to use it you can select which divisions you would like to follow

Please select which divisions you would like to follow. Please note that if you turn the ticker on then you must select at least 1 division.

Division Name
Alf Beese Cup
Frank Docherty Cup
George Finnie Cup
MJ Central
MJ East
MJ West
Open Cup
Provincial East
Provincial Elite
Provincial West
Regional East
Regional West
Test Division
U21 Provincial
U21 Regional Central
U21 Regional Central East
U21 Regional South
Withdrawn Teams

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